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2021 has come to an end and boy what a wild ride it has been! I joined Newgrounds in January, and posted my very first little toon featuring a character I made in college, good ol' Brownus the bear!

Then posted a dumb animation of Cloud strife I had around, and worked with my first voice actor, @TofuTehSurvivor! A Newgrounds vet, had his account since 2002!

Released 4 episodes of a parody series about Persona 4 me and a buddy of mine from college created, started as an in-joke, but evolved into something pretty neat, with the 4th episode getting Frontpaged!

The first episode had a different voice actress for Rise, we originally recorded the first three episodes with her, but she couldn't make it for the 4th one, so I got @TrinaTan to voice her :)

Posted a bunch of silly parodies as well, made a bunch of good friends through them too!

Shortly after posting the Yakuza parody, I was contacted by @WesMakowski to join the Toy Story 2 Redialed Collab, a reanimated project that gathered a bunch of cool folks to reanimate the entirety of Toy Story 2 from the ground up, even with new sounds, voice acting, and music! I ended up reanimating one scene, and making a bunch of music for the collab :)

Here's the trailer for it:

Here's my part:

Speaking of music, I also participated in this year's Art-Inspired Music Contest! Here's my entry:

During this year's summer animation jams, I got the chance to make music for two very cool animations!

"O' That Stingey Dragon" by @Devoidgazer and @KCJ567 for The Game Fan Jam:

"Dudley?!" by my buddy @JCaluger for The Epic Trailer Jam:

While we're on the topic of audio, I joined the second part of this year's Voice Acting Collaboration! I voice acted in a few skits, edited a couple, made music for some, and wrote one!

Here's the full collab:

Here's my skit:

Posted 43 art pieces, two of which got Frontpaged!


Also participated in @Mabelma 's Isometric Room Collab! A cool little game where you search for a bunch of hidden stuff!

Here's the game:

Here's the room:

Now I'd like to thank a bunch of folks who made this year truly special to me, helped me out, worked with me, and most importantly, became my friends :)

@Austinjaycook @Bro-son @Chitstain @ChordC @Danielamaral84 @Devoidgazer @DrEojPuerte @Grayanimations @Hazencruz @Jcaluger @Jmations98 @Joshdytonvo @KCJ567 @Kenkoiphish @Leon0u0 @Luckydee @Makestuff @Matthewjackvo @Milkypossum @MisterJames @Nichols @Nicksenny @Pawpawgreg @Pktoastyva @Sabretooth2611 @Saminat @QueenBoo @ThatJohnnyGuy @Tofutehsurvivor @Tomamoto @Tomfulp @Trinatan @Vadellgabriel @VoicesByCorey @Wesmakowski

Thank you all from the very bottom of my heart, this year has been crazy for everyone, and I'm truly excited for what the future holds for all of us!

Lastly, I leave you with this arrangement of "Auld Lang Syne" to finish off the year :)

Hope you have a wonderful new year, filled with many great moments and opportunities!

Until next time! :)



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